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Stone Crusher For Sale

Stone Crusher For Sale

In the city development and infrastructure construction vigorously promoting, the stone, gravel aggregate demand continues to increase, professional processing equipment -- stone crusher also in the period of development, the crusher and crusher manufacturers such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as have emerged, crushing machine market a very popular.

Fine Stone Crusher - Jaw Crusher

The European version of the jaw crusher, PEW series jaw crusher, is the new rock design of the crushing and processing equipment, using world-class manufacturing processes equipment, the most high-end material, more advanced movable jaw assembly, larger size, larger bearing force, tooth plate and centralized lubrication system, both in the production efficiency, or life, repair rate, fault rate reflects its incomparable advantage, is the quality of the stone and rock crushing machine, at the same time in the fields of mine, metallurgy, chemical, cement, building etc. there is a very wide range of applications.

Stone Crusher note

  • regular shutdown open door window observing impact type system sand machine internal wear, center feeding tube, the wear degree of conical cap, Ye Lun, channel lining plate, circular plate, wear-resisting block wear, should be promptly replaced or repaired, replaced wear-resisting block should be replaced, ensure wear-resisting block weight. It is prohibited to open door window observing internal workings crusher work process, in order to avoid danger.
  • stone crusher in the work to 400 hours should be moderate amount of grease, that is oftenreplaced spare parts .
  • the transmission belt tension force size should be adjusted properly, to ensure triangle tape should be grouping matching, then its length as consistent as possible.
  • in the work process, because the stone crusher which belongs to the high-speed operation of the equipment, should Caution! Special. The staff should be far away from equipment, if need operator operation, must cut off the power before operation.